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1-2-3 Entrepreneurship

STEP 1: The Idea To have a really good Idea you must be able to answer the following QUESTIONS: 1. Are you Talented in it? 2. Are you passionate about it? 3. Do you have the skill sets to do it? If not, what are you doing to master it? STEP 2: The steps to implementation This is where Marketing CONSULTING is Necessary! 1. What's the Value? PRICE 2. What are you selling? PRODUCT 3. Where are you selling it? PLACE 4. Who are you selling it to? PROMOTION STEP 3: The Execution This is when BRANDING becomes Necessary! 1. What are my resources? How will I allocate them? 2. What's my Budget? What's my profit? 3. Who's on my team? Do you need help with your Business idea? Contact Be Your Business

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