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Nickle and Dime 'ing

June 1, 2017

 Customer Service is very important as an entrepreneur.  How you price and present your services are key to how your customer will feel about your brand and your business.





For example, no one wants to feel nickle and dimed to death when buying products and services.


Sometimes it can be the defining decision customers make to buy from you or to go use a more convenient route.  


My Hustle tip this month is to make sure you remember that perception is reality.  Its the difference between a la cart and buffet style business processes and how your payment process benefits your target customer.

 In other words, does it makes sense to have a shopping cart that offers bundled packages to make it easy for the customer to buy products? Should you sell a la cart?  Should you only sell your products with other products to guarantee quality and results? And are your target customers more likely to pay via Paypal, Samsung pay or by check?


For example:  skin care products that include, cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing products bundled together FOR SKIN CARE results.


These are things to think about when considering  how to price and present your services.  


1. What are your methods of payment- i.e. Paypal, accepting cash, c.c-  cell phone swipe capabilities. or bartering services.

2.  Offer a discount, or client special deliberately. i.e  to focus on selling more unpopular products.

3. Bundle services if needed to make it easy for customers to get the results you want for customer satisfaction.

4. Consider deposits and or refund options.

5. Offer lump sum or payment installments if you are selling services over time and or offerring high end products.


The key is to make sure your customer feels the ease of use and or secure payment options when doing business with you.  This months take away is to assess how you price and present your products or services.


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