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The Up Sell

August 1, 2017


One of my biggest pet peeves is leaving money on the table because I failed to recognize an opportunity to Up Sell.   What I mean is, sometimes customers will buy one thing but  may not know about other products and services I offer that would go perfectly with it.  Then I spend the rest of the day saying....


 Why didn't I offer this to my customer?  How did I let them out the door with out at least mentioning this is a service I provide?  (Exhales loudly) 



UP SELLING  may mean different things to different people.   When people talk about Up Sell it can sometimes have a greedy connotation to it,  but ...instead of going down that road let me quickly acknowledge 3 positive reasons to Up Sell and why this is important to the hustle and to the longevity of your business.




1. Complimentary-You must acknowledge that some of your products and services should be offered in partnership for the best results and to increase customer satisfaction, retention and brand loyalty. i.e  Yes, they may have only wanted shampoo but conditioner and some hair moisturizer wont hurt and it allows for brand loyalty in the future.  This can be a way for your customer to get information about your products and services and test out the products for their next purchase.


2. Likability- People buy from people they like.  If they like the service or product you just provided, offer other ways your customer can support you. i.e Did you know we also offer monthly scalp treatments for $40? Plus this is something I had to learn the hard way.  When your customer finds out you offer a service you did not tell them about, sometimes it can effect customer satisfaction.  Its better the customer hear it from you and say " maybe next time". 


3.  ABC's- (Always Be Closing) As entrepreneurs you must always know you are always selling and closing deals.  A $20 purchase can easily be a $50 sell if done properly.  Creating loyal customers is necessary, loyalty creates retention and thus allowing your business to sustain slow times.  More importantly, Up Selling helps you increase your profit.


The Value in the UP SELL is to turn your customers into investors, as I have stated many times in many blogs.... "The customer pays the wages".  So ask yourself....What kind of wages do I want?


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