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Measuring Success

July 1, 2017


If you have ever played Monopoly then you know that Baltic Ave is one of the cheapest properties on the board. It symbolizes low income or a nice start. But, lets think about the nice start part.....One thing I have found difficult as an entrepreneur is when to celebrate progress while striving for success, and how do I measure it?


If we are playing Monopoly, then owning Baltic Ave and then putting houses on it does show progress and may even keep you in the game while others who have much more expensive properties scrape up money for their houses. If you progress to hotels, would Baltic Ave with hotels be considered success? Is success just defined by status or money?


How do you balance progress and most importantly how do you define success? Entrepreneurs should ask themselves at some point in the journey how do I .......


Strive for greater while Celebrating progress?


My suggestion is to create a 1 year and 5 year success list. It should include goals, tasks, and progressive to do lists that can be attained within the first 5 years of your business. Be specific.


  1. One year goals: Example-increase social media followers by........- Website completion date....

  2. Five year goals: Example- Become a member of a business organization or association- Invest $5,000 back into my company

  3. Success maybe defined differently for each entrepreneur and should not just be defined by money or status.


Your goal lists should be a way to accomplish things you define as successful. Give yourself time to LIVE!! Making money without enjoying it leaves no room for a celebration of your accomplishments and thus the entrepreneur burns out. DON"T forget with Monopoly and life there is CHANCE.....things happen, so set realistic goals with some cushion. Now, there is something to be said about progress and moving on up to Pennsylvania ave with a few houses on it. There is nothing wrong for wanting to live on the greens and put hotels on it.... measuring success means creating progressive goals to help you stay focused and preserve a realistic time frame for success that you can attain.


None of us will be a success over night. It takes accomplishing goals, staying focused and executing your plans diligently. Creating a list and checking off your accomplishments will remind you to celebrate while you strive for greater.

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