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Take your SKILL to a $MILL

September 1, 2017




"I like to teach and build
with brothers about how easy it is to reach a mil
All you need is some skill
Then it’s Grindtime"


Nassir Jones






 How do you take a skill and make it your side hustle?


Great Question.  Like Nassir Jones says you must Rise and Grind!   Where most entrepreneurs go wrong is that they do not hustle smarter they hustle harder and unfortunately they end up spending all their capital and exhausting their time and resources in the beginning stages of business development.  


The key, in my opinion, is starting with a Strategic Marketing Plan. Before a business plan, before spending money on your business, get the Marketing plan locked down!  The Marketing plan is there to see if you can reach a realistic financial  goal in 12 months. Then can you repeat this over the next few years. Then, can you become efficient in the hustle or business you have created.  But, it starts with the Strategic Marketing Plan .


A Strategic Marketing plan also serves as your template to explain to others how they can partner or collaborate with you.  It can also be used to train employees and teams working with you and can serve to help construct your pitch to investors.


"New Age Entrepreneurship" (NAE) means you have to build the skills to be a great leader as well. Leading your team to help you meet your financial goals is a necessity.  And if you have Talent and Passion added to this Skill and a Marketing plan, which is what I recommend, then you will be successful.  

3 ways to leverage your Talent + Passion+ Skill for $


1. Start with a strategic Marketing Plan-

(ASK BYB how we can help you with this)


2. Be consistent in implementing the plan- It takes time to make impact...so don't give up too soon.


3. Leverage your resources to help you meet your financial goals and execute the plan. - I know as entrepreneurs we like to do things ourselves.  But if you want to make money you are going to have to lead and manage resources to meet goals. Start practicing now.


Ask me your Marketing questions on social media with the #AskPBandJ 



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