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Finding Your NICHE

How do you set yourself apart from the pack?

Finding your NICHE, or better yet, finding revenue channels that suit your Talents, Passions and Skills are essential to being successful in business.

To Be Your Business you must find your LANE?

Without a niche you run the risk of trying to sell to everyone, and well actually end up selling to no one!

The more you niche, the more you brand yourself as an expert and the easier it is to provide value to your specific audience.

Creating your NICHE around feedback from your customer and combining it with your Passions and Talents will help you position your business in a creative way. This will help your marketing strategy and tactics come to life.

My suggestions for



1. Follow your Talents and Passions- The things you are good at are uniquely you. Which means it will be hard for another business owner to duplicate them. Its almost like getting your nails done. There are dozens of nail shops on every corner but quickly you find out everyone does not do good nails, and thus the talents and skill sets start to matter when sitting down with