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A 1 HR CONSULT gets you $$$

3 revenue channels are not easy to build but I

recommend every hustler identify them in a strategic marketing plan.

It is vital to the decisions you make and the marketing tactics and branding strategy you decide to implement. For example, If I know my three channels are...

1. Consulting by the hr ($95 hr)

2. Speaking and workshop honorariums ($950)

3. Strategic Marketing Plans ($1,500 )

Then..... my social media campaigns, networking focus, and resources I leverage will all be aligned to support these three areas.


knowing this allows me to....

- Plan my monthly calendar (How many consults do I need in a week to pay my cell phone bill?)

- Estimate my quarterly income (How many consults and honorariums will I need to pay my bills for the year?)

- Be deliberate with my budgets and income streams (Why am I going to this conference? What marketing outlets do I want to use? How can my network help me?)

A part of being self employed or having a smart hustle is to be deliberate with your time and money. If you are not strategic, intentional and purposeful then you will wake up to find that you have wasted your capital, time and exhausted your resources with nothing to show for it.

Don't Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter!

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