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Pull Not Push!

January 3, 2018



Happy New Year  Global Grinders!  This year as an entrepreneurial minded person, I plan to  PULL not PUSH up my relationship game.  Relationships create value and one thing that I have learned  from being an employee and an entrepreneur, is how important finding a way to create value is. It's important to remember that building capital takes great relationships.  Relationships add to your credibility. Credibility adds value to your Brand, which is followed by respect.  This is what makes a BRAND last.  Lil Kim said  "Money, Power, Respect" is what you need in life.  I couldn't agree more.


As Entrepreneurs our  ability to leverage our Talent, Passion and Skill for income is how we get the money and power.  Power can be your influence  in an organization or popularity on social media. Credibility will give you the Respect needed to stay valuable. Your PULL (Respect) is an asset .  So think about your PULL.  Who do you know?  What resources can you leverage because of respect?  This is where strategy comes into play.  PULL don't PUSH .


This is how it works! As an Employee, your credibility comes with the company you  work for and  the company you work for's credibility comes from the  Companies

(BRAND).  I use to work for IBM.  IBM has had  a long history being branded as the Gold standard of computers, until Apple of course.


 I use to show my IBM business cards and doors would fly open.  The perception I had as an employee was that I worked for the best in the industry.  How others treated us confirmed this perception. I will admit I liked the respect given being associated with IBM and the perks it afforded as an employee, ones I still strive to achieve in my own business. This experience proved to me that respect is key to relationships and relationships are key to success. 


Entrepreneurship is not a easy ride. It requires you to build credibility and value from scratch in some cases.  In the beginning stages of my business I didn't have the luxury of showing my business card to random people and them recognizing who I am and what I do.  There were most definitely, not as many perks either. Now one great thing about being an entrepreneur who was also the top saleswoman for Pfizer, Bristol Meyers Squibb and IBM  is, I was able to get in the door because of their name,  but my good relationships with customers is what made me money and created my value.


My reputation in entrepreneurship was a good one, and so when I took the chance to become my own boss, doors may not have flown open, but I did have doors  that opened because of my reputation and good word of mouth.


Some have said a BRAND is what people say when you are not in the room. 


If this is true, then my success in building  great relationships coincides with my success in sales and in my business now. The perks of great relationships, specifically, with key stakeholders, started to become clear early on in my career.  I can remember this one time I was in a doctors office waiting to see the nurse and drop off some samples, and the Merck rep showed up.  Our products directly compete and this  doctor, was a top subscriber in my territory.   As the Merck rep went to the window, the nurse called me back. I thought to myself,  don't blow this chance to differentiate Celebrex , my product, from Vioxx, Merck's product.


 As I was going over my spill, the nurse said quietly, "I am going to make her wait till my last patient before I let her back, cause she gets on my nerves". She smiled and gave me a slight wink as if to say, I will pick you over her because I like you, which in my sales numbers and bank account also led to my win over the competitor.  WINK WINK!!!!   


Building  great relationships  is something I continue to do as an entrepreneur to add value to my business.  I want my Brand to be known someday as the "Gold Standard of Entrepreneurship".   We should all want a  brand that makes doors fly open and creates chances and opportunities to make money doing what  we love.   


I hope this new year, you will consider your PULL in relationships to add BRAND value.

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