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Consumer Courting

February 1, 2018


Those of you who know me, know I love Marketing.  I was born to do this, its all I think of and I am weird enough to say, I see Marketing  in everything.  


To be a good entrepreneur you must master connecting  emotionally with your customers.  building an enduring brand relationship with your customer is critical.  Don't be the kind of entrepreneur that  is great at wooing a “first date” with consumers — yet not so effective at creating a lasting marriage between buyer and brand.  


In the age of social media it has become harder to engage your customer for a long lasting relationship.  So, if Marketing is flirting then Branding is being in a relationship or a marriage with your customer.   Both are necessary for a successful and long lasting business. 


Here are my hustle tips for engaging your customer for the long haul....



HUSTLE TIPS for Consumer Marriage:


1. Customer service- It is true people remember how you make them feel and more importantly your ability to solve a problem they have with your service or product.


This also goes for customer appreciation.  Tell your customer you love them by offering loyalty discounts when Up-Selling products. Make your customer wish they were married to you and your business.  It will make it harder for someone with a comparable product to steal them away.


2. A Quality Product- No one can deny when something works.  If you have quality service or product, by Quality....i mean your service yields satisfactory results, you can have a healthy relationship with your customer.  


They are likely to work with you through the problems and challenges you may face together in the marketplace. And they are less likely to have a roaming eye.


Here is what I mean by "Roaming eye"  Clients of mine who have had great results with my strategic plans are less likely to go to another company for marketing advice without coming to me first to see what i think or if I offer this service.


 I love this because now I can refer other businesses that are complimentary to mine without feeling like my customer may cheat on me :) ..... Get it?


3. Consistency- This is so important cause even if you have a okay product or service if you are reliable you will have a chance at a great relationship with your customer.  I can't tell you how many times as a consumer I have been to a restaurant that has my favorite dish..lets say oxtails, and they are undeniably the best place to ever make it.  However, I struggle to support the business because they often are closed when they should be open.  They repeatedly run out of the dish I want on the menu and or do not serve it on certain days.  I hate this!  As a customer I do not want to have to call your business every time I want to eat to make sure you are open or have the dish I want before I decide to come by.  This is really inconvenient for me and deters me from referring this business to others. Stay consistent!




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