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Master Maintenance

March 2, 2018

 This Month is dedicated to all those Entrepreneurs feeling like life is getting a little OVERGROWN.  


 Last week I had a 1 hr consult with beauty salon owner, about knowing when to partner? She wanted my advice on expanding her business to another location and taking on a partner to do so.   "She had too much going on".  As she described the situation  I noticed she stated 3 signals that let me know It's time for her to duplicate herself.  I could hear tiredness in her voice. 


This of course is a familiar tone many entrepreneurs get when they have reached the brink of  needing to expand.   HELP?  



  • She was cancelling meetings because she was running late or just could not make it.  

  • She was becoming non- productive because she was unfocused on one task at a time.

  • Her business was expanding faster than she was prepared for.  


Duplicate Yourself

  As entrepreneurs we tend to do a lot of the initial work in our businesses.  I know I did.   I also reached my point when things in my life started to get a little behind. I could tell when I got short tempered with team members or un able to focus on my work. I was becoming non productive , busy but non productive . A rookie mistake, but one many make.  


 Entrepreneurs do all the work but don't always do a good job of managing the work. Have you ever felt  like calling a lawn care service instead of cutting the grass yourself?  To keep your business running effectively and productively you must realize the moment when YOU have to train someone to take on the workload.  


When is the time to DUPLICATE!

1. When you have to outsource to other vendors or temp agencies to make a profit.

2. When you realize that you are making simple mistakes, or have not kept up with technology or social media accounts in a month. 

3. When your emails are behind and your vm box is full.

4. When you start to get bad customer service feedback.

5. When you are less productive or forecasting a loss for the fiscal year.


#beyourbusiness #hustleharder  for a 1hr consult please contact info@beyourbusiness.com 



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