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November 1, 2018


There is no better  TIME to start then.... NOW!!!


As an entrepreneur we usually don't have issues with acting on our talent or passions when the money is coming in.  But when it comes to working on our disciplines or skill sets we sometimes neglect to make this a priority or a goal.   


As an entrepreneur  NOW means your priorities are goal related.   If your goal is to make more money or expand your business, for example, then..... what steps do you need to take to make this happen?  In other words, what are you going to be doing in the next 2 weeks, next 2 months to make sure you get the ball rolling on your goals?   TIME flies... but you are the pilot!  Planning your day, week, month, year is vital to staying afloat in business. You must become the expert or you will become irrelevant.   You must stay current in doing so you will have direction on what opportunities you should take ?  or What certifications do you need to stay industry professional?


For Example:


CHEFA GOAL of $5,000 in revenue helps me pay for a class on nutrition and wellness for special diets such as Vegan and Vegetarian.  This class will be helpful for expanding my catering services to customers with special diets.





Halloween is a great time of year to start assesing your business/ hustle for 2019. 




  1. What is working?

  2. What is trending or changing?

  3. How will I add value? i.e what certifications or classifications do I need?


NOTE:  Professional classes, certifications and licenses are TAX deductible !!!!  



Things to do NOW!


  • Start the new year in your business with a NOW attitude.  If its time to automate your processes do it NOW!

  • If you need to go to a conference or get an extra certification for your business to be credible...DO IT NOW!

  • Follow up with past clients you have not spoken to in a while or a networking opportunity you didn't hear back from.

  • Start planning for NEXT YEAR!!!






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