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Git Up, Git out and Do Something!

How many times have you had a great idea that you never implemented?

How many times have you said I need to do something but still have yet to complete it?

Every entrepreneur should avoid this trap! Instead, get some help! By sheer nature of being an entrepreneur we want to do it ourselves. But after 11 years in business I can tell you... YOU NEED HELP!

In other words, find an expert, hire a consultant, get friends and family who specialize in the area you need to help.

Do not become an entrepreneur who thinks they can become the jack of all trades. It's so frustrating to see entrepreneurs/ hustlers think they can do their own marketing.

I get it! You have an instagram page, a website, some emails you sent out and some flyers, and suddenly that makes you a Marketing expert. I must tell you as a Marketing consultant.. there's more....WAY MORE to know! So instead of trying to learn it all and become overwhelmed or suffer with analysis paralysis please ask yourself these questions.


What goals am I setting?

Do I have a plan?

Am I using a Calendar or scheduler to help me keep track?

Who will hold me accountable? i.e A Marketing Consultant


*So here's my shameless plug- If you are starting a business Schedule a consult with me. From tackling business decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path to creating 3 revenue channels off of your idea and ultimately supporting the creation of your Brand value.

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