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Social Media Hustle

If you have a business social media is a must! But how do you use it effecitvely and efficiently so you don't run out of content or spend all your time posting?

In my 15 years of experience as a marketing consultant one thing remains true, Understand What Your Customer Wants!

Social media is used for the sole purpose of social interactions. Understanding what content your customer wants to interact with is the key to a successful social media marketing strategy.

Does your audience prefer to watch videos or read articles?

Would they rather receive promotional discounts or engage in a conversation?

Each audience and industry is unique, so set up your 1 hr consult with me so we can do the research.

I have a few tips for how too use each platform and which social media platform is best for your customer.


PURPOSE: Product based

Image-Based Platforms: Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr

PURPOSE: Products and Services- best for demo's and tutorials “Kitchen Sink” Platforms: Facebook, Twitter Video Networks: Vimeo, YouTube

PURPOSE: Networking/ building partners and collabs not customers Professional, Business-Focused Networks: LinkedIn

PURPOSE: Finding new customers SEO and Authorship Platforms: Google+


79% of adults use Facebook 32% of adults use Instagram 31% of adults use Pinterest 29% of adults use LinkedIn

Set up your 1hr CONSULT to discuss best strategies for using social media for profit!

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