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It's a New Year and I am reflecting on all the Marketing Questions I have received in 2019. My morning routine is to brush my teeth, grab a cup of coffee, and then check my emails and social media pages. Morning time is when I plan for the upcoming week or month. Usually during this time is when I read the questions my clients ask and set up meetings to meet with them to disucss their questions and steps to progress forward.

So what is your morning routine in your business?

Starting my morning with a HUSTLE SMARTER mentality is how I stay ahead of the hustle. Let me help you stay ahead of the hustle in your business.

I have enjoyed answering your questions and have decided this year to share my answers monthly right here @hustletips. If you have a Marketing Question please ask me weekday mornings @ TWITTER . I will answer your questions through a response on my monthly BLOG or through a 1 hr CONSULT. Please contact me for questions- CONTACT.

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