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Hustle Smarter

Whatever you learned last year...... APPLY IT!

5 things I LEARNED Last Year ......

1. Stay Focused on your Passion!!!

2. Remember why you started

3. Be Present when I am with my Family and Friends

4. Know your value in ALL Situations


Whatever you learned APPLY IT! I stress this point because when you are your own boss, sometimes you can overlook times when Change, Adapting or Adjustments are necessary. All entrepreneurs should do an Annual Spring check. This is when you take a few hrs to focus on your business goals, measure your successes and failures and make adjustments needed. This information is valuable and helps you move forward in your business more strategically.

Hustling is not about being busy, its about getting RESULTS. And if something is not working FIX it. Never be afraid to get advice from a mentor or an expert.


This is something I do in my business after I file my taxes (APRIL). Once you know how much you made in a year and can create a budget around your refund check, you can put a plan in place to Hustle Smarter. If you have questions or would like to book a 1hr CONSULT please contact

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