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Are you Spiritual or Religious in Your Business?


Having consulted many businesses over the 10 years I have been in business, I can always tell which of my clients are Fixed or Flexible. Whether they (the client) are Spiritual or Religious in how they approach their business. It has a lot to do with how they answer questions on the brand questionnaire or how they approach the conversation in our 1 hr consult. When I hear the word "Routine" my ears perk up. This is a key word that allows me (consultant) to give a heads up or set certain expectations with clients to adjust quickly when we start to implement strategic marketing tactics in their business.

If you ARE A BUSINESS, then you must allow for your Spirit to lead your decisions, NOT Religion! Your Spirit makes for a better attitude, keeps your passion and emotional stability in check. It also helps with patience to go with the flow when obstacles and challenges arise in your business or when working with others. I'll discuss further.....

SCHEDULE- a plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times. (SPIRITUAL)

A schedule thinker is willing to put in the work to plan, prepare and has an overall vision of how they should go further. Most importantly, they are flexible in how the work is executed.

ROUTINE- a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. (RELIGIOUS)

A routine thinker approaches the plan with regimented and fixed ideas and time frames. They often fail to see opportunities when presented because they are unwilling to budge from the fixed ideas and plans they had initially.

Remember Things Change, so go with the flow !!!

Another way to relate can be to discuss the difference between being Spiritual or being Religious. In my opinion, one allows for God to work freely within you and speak to you on steps to take even in the moment. Being spirit led allows for you to abandon your ideas and plans and follow the urging of God in real time. Religion however, is ritualistic, it requires you to perform the same actions and say the same things repetitively. It takes away the need to think, to feel and to be flexible.

As a consultant, the routine thinker can be a hard client to guide because the marketplace is unstable, consumer behavior is fickle and technology, especially NEW technology, can disrupt the marketplace and force plans to be reconstructed or worse thrown away because they are no longer viable.

HUSTLE TIP: Having a great Strategic Marketing Plan (wink wink) is how you can plan for the future. But be flexible (1HR CONSULT) when you need to adjust the tactic or success metrics as needed.

As an entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner, knowing how to be flexible and adjust to the moving parts of the hustle is key. I highly recommend being spiritual because you will last longer in the game and have a better attitude while doing so. Being inflexible will get you no where in the GAME! And more importantly, not feeling, takes the passion out of your business and leads to a disconnect with your customer and your connection to your business.

The key is to find your lane (PASSION) and be willing to be flexible (SPIRITUAL) and call me to know how to adjust in real time. See you next month!

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