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Make the Process Simple

April 1, 2019

As an entrepreneur sometimes the business process or back end management can get out of control.  Most times we are the salesmen, accountant, and business manager all in one.  I know this can be overwhelming and sometimes can stress us out when tax time comes around. 


Here are a few of my suggestions so that your one man/woman show can stay ahead of the game.






1. Use Paypal- Pay Pal has alot of automated accounting tools that can help the lone entrepreneur. such as..

- Monthly financial summaries

-Annual financial summaries

- Invoicing/ reminder email invoicing

- A credit/debit card for business expenses

- Payment links for record keeping

- Website/ backend support so you can take payments online


All of these tools will help you once you are ready to do your business taxes or want to see your revenue/ expense details for your business write offs. ( New Tax Code link)



2. Use Legal Zoom- this is very helpful when wanting a budget friendly option for incorporating or trademarking. www.legalzoom.com 


3. Get a Marketing Consultant to help you- CONTACT BYB

I can help you organize, strategize and develop a plan to meet your financial goals. Call me for a 1hr CONSULT today!






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