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Hope is a MUST in entrepreneurship! without ......

HOPE= PASSION=FORTITUDE you will not endure the tough times!

Lets Assume

  • Your inate Talent, Passion and Skill is what you started your business with-

  • That you have been able to pay your immediate bills from income from your business. ( i,e cell phone, rent, car) or you have embarked on a part time hustle soon to be full time hustle.

If this is true.. then ... what do you do when your choices for income start to decline and clients/customers are FEW???

First of all, We all go through this moment, sometimes many times in business. So it's normal NOT a failure! LOL

Side Note: My passion is MARKETING! My hope is that I will be able to live $$$ off of my TALENT PASSION and SKILL for the rest of my life. This is My DREAM CAREER.

In 19 years I have created 3 channels of revene in my business. Those streams sometimes came in the form of contracts, clients, RFP's etc. I have been blessed and able to pay my bills over these years and have had many ups and downs; dissapointments; lessons learned; recognition; awards; money..... yada yada yada! I said all of that to say.....One thing that shows the true testament of an entrepreneur is....

How do you hold on in the broke times?

Entrepreneurship is not just about being your own boss, flexible hrs, or calling the shots... its about Discipline (Talent), Passion and Wisdom (Skill)!

Discipline ....You need the disicipline to....

  • Be Efficient in your business; this may be when you automate processes or decide to contract out services needed to cut costs.

  • Oranize and master time management skills because everything counts now.

  • Be accountable, responsible and a good leader (boss/owner). No one else is to blame. Take this time to re-evaluate business porcesses, services or products.

  • SAVE MONEY! this is when your savings comes in handy.

Wisdom For......

  • Executing or implementing creative business ideas that generate income in dire times.

  • Leveraging relationships for business income purposes.

  • Spending MONEY!

And the Passion to ENDURE it all!

If you are in a season of income deficiency then here are a few tips I will give that got me through some of my brokest times.


1. PRAY!

2. Use Savings

3. Minimize business expenses- Gas-( use skype or teleconference technologies instead of business lunches or dinners)

4. KEEP HOPE ALIVE! lol There is no real answer to this situation except to keep the faith and the dream as an achor.

However I offer Marketing consulting services to help during times such as these...please contact here

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